2. Amen Dunes, The Night Collectors - Dry Liver, Tucson - 7/4/13

  5. Society of Musical Esotericism - Luxie Warehouse - 6/3/13 6/8/13

    Rhythm of Cruelty, Body of Light, Encapsulate, Deep Pill

  6. Destruction Unit - Icehouse - 3/21/14

  8. Those who bank with Simple will be familiar with the great cardboard/rubber band wallet that comes with the card. After trying it, it’s hard to go back to a bulky leather billfold. Hence my sadness when the rubber band finally snapped a couple months ago.

    So I made a new one. Bass wood cut to 99mm x 56mm, with 12mm wide inlets centered on the sides and a #84 rubber band.

    On one side I’ve placed my ASU card, exposing the magnetic strip needed for key card access pads all over campus - studio, bike storage, etc. No need to pull out the card.

    I tried returning to a billfold, but couldn’t do it. It’s significantly slimmer, lighter, and can be placed in my front pocket - potentially reducing loss or pickpocketing.

    Have a few more ideas to add. Perhaps a v2 is down the road.

  9. I’ve been playing around with the concept of a design system for album covers - inspired by Sacred Bones Records style consistency.

    Catalog, production notes: Futura, 12 pt

    Artist: Big Caslon Medium, 39 pt

    Album Title: Adobe Caslon Pro Italic, 39 pt

    Tracklist: Adobe Caslon Pro, 12 pt